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Venturing into a new frontier of home-based life, education and food production.


We believe one should take joy in tasting the first radish of a spring season or canning the last tomato from a summer harvest. If there is one thing we have learned, it is that quality is hard to achieve, and it deteriorates rapidly. We work hard to produce great food and look forward to every opportunity we have to savor the fruits of our labor.


We started with the simple inspiration of a basil plant growing on the windowsill of a downtown condominium. We were not born farmers, but a commitment to growing our own food has developed into a passion for regenerative agriculture and high quality food production.


We are committed to making education, recreation, and exploration family activities. Raising children is one of the greatest gifts and responsibilities one can hope for, and we are fortunate to have three fun, charming, and, yes, sometimes frustrating children who teach us what it means to wake up with enthusiasm for the start of a new day.

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Our Values

Family: Quality time as we work and grow together

Community: Creating opportunities to engage, know, and serve our neighbors, near and far

Education: Supporting our children and community in the pursuit of learning

Wellness: Cultivating physical, spiritual, social, and environmental wellness

Quality: Appreciating high-quality and hard work over convenience

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