Farm Chores with Kids

Farm Chores with Kids

No shortage of things to do

Thank you everyone who responded to our first video post. It was clear the question most of you want answered is “What are the kids up to?” So, here’s video post #2, and it is all about the kids. There’s no shortage of things to do, and this week we take you along for some of the daily chores with the kids. Collecting eggs, checking on bees, and harvesting crops from the garden…it’s all in a day’s work! Anyone who’s ever spent time around kids knows they can make some chores a little less efficient, but they always bring joy, and usually there’s lessons to be learned, for them and for us. We hope you enjoy this little glimpse into farm life through the eyes of a kid, and we look forward to hearing what you want to see next. Thanks!

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  1. They’ve totally adapted! Love seeing them happy : )

  2. They are definitely enjoying it!

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